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The world’s ONLY sunglasses exclusively designed and manufactured for RC use.

Designed by experienced modellers, Model Glasses are the ultimate RC accessory. Although specifically designed for RC, they are also perfect for other sports and general leisure usage. Buy today – we ship worldwide.
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DMS Ventures were able to acquire the exclusive distribution rights to the Rapid Eyewear Model Glasses products almost six years ago and we have steadily grown the business through AMA advertizing and participating in Model Aviation shows in Toledo and Chicago. Realising the potential for making RC-specific glasses for prescription and non-prescription wearers the products are supplied with a minimum of 3 lenses and in some cases four sets of lenses which can interchanged to suite the prevailing light conditions this is critical to all RC model pilots so that remain in control of their models at all times.The main objective was to be able to provide RC pilots an affordable solution to a major problem a all fflying fields e.g. the direction of the sun is always a problem at almost all flying sites which face east making it almost impossible to fly in the early hour of the morning in this case RC pilot can choose our catorgory 4 lenses which give them maximum protection from the sun. Since the glasses sets are modular you can purchase replacement parts such as lenses, frames nose and ear pieces keeping you glasses in top condition for use at the field.

We now have a complete selection of spare parts, lenses, frames, and rubber nose peices etc.. pleases go to www.allsportssunglassesusa.com to view these items

Model Glasses USA are the exclusive distribrutor for the USA and Canada, dealer and retailer enquiries welcome please contact:

Phil Young 1 630 479 74491 630 479 7449  or Terry Stannius at 1 630 965 74491 630 965 7449